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Research shows that behavior in grade school can predict outcomes later in life, including whether or not a child graduates from high school. A report from the American Sociological Association on a study of 1,000 children from grade school to high school found that behavior as early as first grade could predict outcomes later in life. 

There are simple things caring, consistent adults can do to everyday to keep small children on a path towards doing well in school.  They are: 

  • Support Reading
  • Establish Routines
  • Communicate
  • Keep it Positive

The following short videos and tips help parents and caregivers play an active role in their children’s educational success.

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Support Reading

Regular, positive, fun reading activities outside of school tell your child it’s an important skill you value that has daily application.


Establish Routines

Setting aside a specific time and place for reading and homework creates positive habits for the future.



Ask open-ended questions, it shows that you are interested in how your child thinks and feels, and that you value their learning.  


Keep it Positive

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Keeping it positive helps children develop the skills needed to build confidence, manage stress and overcome obstacles.

Graduation Starts Now is a multiplatform campaign, developed in partnership with the Institute for Juvenile Research at the University of Illinois at Chicago, that emphasizes positive parenting activity which can help put children on a path toward positive educational outcomes in the future.

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